How Our Service Works | EPS London

How Does it work

  1. Assessing your needs

    We will initially consult over different options with you and advise on the best solutions available. This will ensure that you have a full understanding of what can be achieved and what may be possible under the requirements you have.

  2. Researching locations

    Our dedicated team will research all of your desired areas to find your ideal business space in London. Our longstanding contacts with landlords and agents can also help us to find “off market” rental and buying opportunities that you wouldn’t find by yourself.

  3. Advising on any responsibilities

    With so many things to do when finding an office or commercial property, the list of responsibilities can be overwhelming. EPS consultants are here to share the load. To help your moving process, our consultants will be more than happy to discuss any responsibilities you may have at your existing premises, such as dilapidations (explained below in P.7)

  4. Performing your rental negotiation

    The majority of office and commercial property tenants didn’t realise the full negotiation potential of the premises they acquired until it was too late. Most still don’t know about the savings they missed. Your advisor will make sure that you achieve the best possible price.

  5. Maximizing your rent free period

    Depending on the length and value of your agreement, a rent free period may also be negotiated. We will ensure that this opportunity is never overlooked and aim to both achieve a rent free period and increase the potential amount to beyond the standard industry amount sometimes given.

  6. Advising and reducing your service charge liability

    Service charges can be expensive. We will investigate ways of limiting these additional costs.

  7. Advising and reducing your dilapidations liability

    Dilapidations are breaches of an agreement to repair a building stipulated in a lease. Such breaches can take many forms such as a leaking roof or a broken window. Dilapidations are often incorrectly considered by tenants as insignificant in comparison with rent, rates and their service charges when renting new premises. The liability to repair can have serious financial implications and therefore we will help to ensure these have a minimal impact on you when take your office

  8. Minimising your rental deposit

    Clearly you would rather avoid your new landlord hanging on to your valuable capital if it could be avoided. We will strive to reduce the rental deposit you need to pay.

  9. Keeping you up to date

    We will kept you informed throughout the whole process of acquiring your property allowing you to make informed decisions and discuss progress. This also includes liaising with solicitors to bring the transaction to completion on your timescale

  10. Space planning and/or Space refurbishment solutions (if required)

    Discussing your site specific requirements with an EPS consultant will facilitate their understanding of your needs, and empower them to make recommendations as to the best way or company to move you forward in realising your vision of a more productive, space efficient and pleasant working environment.