7 Reasons To Use An Agent | EPS London

7 reasons to use an acquisition agent

  1. Speed Of Results

    It can take months for a company to find suitable offices to rent without representation. Our established relationships with a network of over 300 London disposal agents allows us to instantly pinpoint suitable properties for you. With full access to the market, we can organise manageable tours to view premises and project manage the whole relocation process allowing you to spend time on your core business.

  2. Off Market Properties

    We can provide you exclusive access and first refusal to many off market properties which the majority of companies never hear about, giving you a wider choice of properties over a shorter period of time.

  3. Working For You, Not The Landlord

    Any agent marketing a property on behalf of a landlord is working exclusively for the landlord themselves and that is where their loyalties lie. EPS London is unique as we act solely on behalf of tenants and never landlords so there are no conflicts of interest. You are our client and our priority.

  4. Higher Acquisition rates

    Nearly 40% of lettings agreed fall through before any papers have been signed. A lot of the time this is due to the proposed tenant not understanding the process. Landlord agents prefer to deal with acquisition agents as they know the tenant will have been properly advised providing more security in a deal. Going it alone without an acquisition agent can be seen as the equivalent of going to court without a solicitor. It can be done, but it is ill-advised and can have unforeseen ramifications.

  5. Saving You Money

    Our contacts and experience in the marketplace enables us to ensure you achieve large savings i.e. reduced rents and greater rent free periods. We have years of contract negotiation experience and will often know (even before the viewing has taken place) what sort of deal we can achieve.

  6. Expert Advice

    When acquiring a commercial property, expert advice is an absolute must. The consequences of making a mistake when entering into such a commitment can sometimes be harmful to your business. Many of our clients are industry experts within their fields just as we are experts in Commercial Property, making us best placed to review and negotiate on your behalf. When making an important investment, you want to ensure the property is going to be an asset for your business, rather than a liability.

  7. Full Anonymity

    We can search the market for you whilst retaining your full anonymity ensuring you are not bothered by unwanted third parties or that your search becomes general knowledge within your industry.